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This is our A & K Auto Spares Car Parts Dealer page, We have listed the address of A & K Auto Spares and phone numbers and websites. A & K Auto Spares is in Doncaster, A & K Auto Spares offers cheap car parts, cheap new and used car parts and car parts like: Bonnets, Engines, Brakes and Wheels in Doncaster.

A & K Auto Spares Map:
A & K Auto Spares
12 Bankwood Lane Industrial Estate
Bankwood Lane
Doncaster, DN11 0PS
Phone: 01302 866611
Fax: 01302 864062


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    Roger on 01 Dec 2011
    After my wife\'s Astra split an oil line and lunched the engine, I used First Choice to source an engine, and the one offered by A & K seemed the best offer - 29000 miles, two years newer than our car, still in the donor vehicle. 1140 pounds paid on the Friday, engine delivered to our garage by the next Tuesday. Great so far. A few days down the road the engine is in but will not start, nor does it have any compression in no.2 cylinder. Bring in Dave, A & K\'s mechanic, and also their manager, who tells my garage that it must be something they\'ve done when they changed the cambelt - something you have to do if you want their 3 month warranty. Problem is the cambelt hasn\'t been touched yet, our garage having been caught out like this before - so Dave says the belt might have jumped a tooth while in transit. Huh?! During the course of several phone calls I\'ve been reassured that the engine was a runner prior to delivery, even though it clearly isn\'t now. Well, we soon find out why - a probe in no.2 cylinder reveals a piston with a hole in it; so much for it being a runner. Another engine has been offered, but frankly we\'re not going to take the risk of ending up with duff engine no.3, so we shall be seeking both a full refund and reimbursement of the wasted labour charges for fitting a clearly knackered engine. Watch this space for developments...
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    Honestshaun on 26 Jan 2011
    Wow!!! Wish I had found car parts finder reviews before I purchased from A&K. Paid 1250 in July 2010 for a ford recon engine with a 6 month warranty. Developed 2 different major faults in 2 months (faulty head and then no compression cylinder no.1). After spending over 1000 labour I politely requested a full refund and A&K decided to be very unhelpful their customer service skills are non existent and they will try to stonewall any complaints. January 2011 drove 170 miles to a \'crummy\' place in Doncaster and returned engine after being promised a collection that never showed up. Have since got my refund but no help with any extra costings. Would not use ever again!!!! and don\'t be fooled by their feedback on eBay.
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    Stressed on 23 Sep 2010
    I bought a Vauxhal Vectra engine from them last year December. Just like so many other review mine is going to sound very similar but to cut a long story short the engine A & K sold me has never worked even though it has been repaired since my mechanic first fit it, it does not have a chassis number, I cannot insure the car (not that it works!) I cannot even update the log book! A&K made so many promises both on the phone AND in writing of a resolution. After months of threatening with legal action and finally police involvement and credit card company compensation, they refunded the money for the engine. However I am still over 800 pounds out of pocket - I will be going to court for this and other damages. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AND IF YOU HAVE AND THE PRODUCT IS NOT OF SATISFACTORY QUALITY INFORM CONSUMER RIGHTS, TRADING STANDARDS, DVLA AND DO TAKE THEM TO COURT!
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    Rob Huddlestone on 10 Jun 2010
    ive read all the reviews and i personally have mixed veiws on this firm. the service could be better along with there parts reiability ive had an rover 416 engine from here are i feel that if was checked properly and also not being lied to from the start then i have no problem with them at all,delivery was ok and service complaints not bad it could be alot better in time it takes to sort out problems.
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    Andrew on 28 Feb 2010
    I wish i read the reports on here before buying the engine for me astra. The engine cost me over 600 and was told it would get to me within a few days. I was lied to on the phone numourous of times saying it was being sent and finally arrived 3 weeks later. When the engine did arrive it seemed ok initially but then it staring smoking and driving a whole container of oil a day. Altough it was under warranty i decided to cut my losses as the warranty had so many rules and guidlines and would have cost me to take out and send back.
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    Mr Upsett on 01 Nov 2008
    bought an engine for a rover1.4sei didn\'t work my mecahnic said it had not worked for a few years. initially refused to refund the cost of the engine but when my C/C got hold of them gave me the money back. currently sueing them for cost of installation.
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    Gregg on 10 Apr 2008
    A complete rip off. Spent 600 on a \'reconditioned\' engine. The engine got sent up and fitted by my mechanic. Within the 1st day I found that it was overheating. My mechanic checked it over and done compression tests etc, eventually finding that it was riddled with hairline cracks. I got in touch with A & K and they agreed to send up another engine, that they assured would be checked completely, so when that arrived, my mechanic took out the 1st engine and replaced it with the 2nd. Same problem again. I then got back in touch with A & K and they refused to accept any fault in the situation, blaming everything, including all the cracks completey on my mechanic. They refused to send me another engine, unless i pay for the damage that \'my mechanic caused\'??? So now i am 600 down on the engine and 975 down on the labour and STILL with my car off the road. NEVER EVER USE THIS ROGUE COMPANY.
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    Carol Pearson on 09 Feb 2008
    I made the mistake of ordering an engine for a Rover 75 1.8 02 reg on 16 November 2007 for 646.25. It arrived a week later after I was told it would arrive within a couple of days. The engine was fitted by my mechanic. He had major problems with the engine straight away and to date 9 February 2008 the car is still not working. A local engine specialist was called in and was also unable to fix the engine. Numerous calls to the company from myself and my mechanic got us nowhere, we could never get past the switchboard, and a recorded delivery letter I sent threatening legal action was ignored. The invoice from my mechanic shows the following:- \"Second hand engine found not to start on key because of low compression. Remove cylinder head and refit with another second hand cylinder head. Still not starting on key. Still low compression 45-75 psi over all cylinders.\" Total cost for labour 530.18. Engine cost 646.25 Labour 530.18 Total 1,176.43 My mechanic will not work on the car further and I can\'t blame him. He has had my car in his garage since the middle of November 2007. Four months later I am out of pocket by 1,176.43. I have a beautiful Rover 75 (the bodywork is almost immaculate) which I cannot use and can only sell for a fraction of what it is worth because of this comany. I am chasing my credit card company in order to recover the cost of the engine and will probably have to take A & K Autos through the small claims court to recover the cost of my mechanic\'s fee. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF.
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    Colin Gilbert on 30 Jan 2008
    What a great service.My son damaged his gearbox on his MGZR to the point it was undriveable but desperatly required his car to get to work.I received a very prompt reply from a very knowledgeable member of staff to say that a replacement gearbox was available at a very reasonable price, it all seemed to be too good to be true ? 2 days later (as promised) the gearbox arrived exactly as described & 4 hours later i had it fitted in the car.He is driving the car around today with no problems.From the point of first contact to this very day i wish that all transactions ran this smooth.Thank you.
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    Stuart Needham on 14 Dec 2007
    Having ordered a reconditioned engine for my MG ZR, the engine was delivered promptly as promised to my works address. When I received it there was just a seal that was leaking which I went, bought and replaced myself. Having sent A&K the invoice for this part - they credited my bank account accordingly - FIRST CLASS SERVICE
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    Stewart Martin on 01 Oct 2007
    after being told my gearbox for my van would be with me on the tuesday i agreed to buy the part on the basis that a&k were the quickest, unfortunately the gearbox didnt arrive on tuesday but the wednesday, i also phoned and was told that they never said the gearbox would be with me! This cost me another 2 days of not being able to go to work and another mechanics bill, now the part is fitted it is the wrong gearbox and i have to foot the bill to remove and replace it! Do no use this company, once the sale is made they do not care!
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    PAUL MYDDLETON on 05 Sep 2007
    I searched for a turbo unit for my astra on sat and within 3 minutes got a reply (very efficiant I thought), i ordered the part with the asurance it would be with me on tuesday, on tuesday I got a mechanic to remove the old unit and we waited for the part to arrive, 12:30 I rung and was told it was on the van and should be with me soon. 15:00 I rung back and was told the same, I asked for a ref number, eventualy I was given a ref but TNT could not track this number, TNT informed me that there was no number in the system at this time coming to clacton, they did say that a parcel had been picked up from A & K Autos at approx mid aftrenoon on that day (tuesday) but they would not know were it was going untill it got to there depot. I rechecked with TNT again later and found that the due to come to clacton was not sent on Monday as promised but was sent on Tuesday after I made my first phone call. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LIE, WHY DO YOU NOT JUST TELL THE CUSTOMER YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE AND IT WOULD BE WITH ME ON WEDNESDAY.

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