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This is our German Spares Car Parts Dealer page, We have listed the address of German Spares and phone numbers and websites. German Spares is in Manchester, German Spares offers cheap car parts, cheap new and used car parts and car parts like: Bonnets, Engines, Brakes and Wheels in Manchester.

German Spares Map:
German Spares
105 Bridge Street
Manchester, M27 4DN
Phone: 01617284295


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    CHARLOTTEROSSETTI on 03 May 2013
    My husband has just bought a car door from these people, that has the biggest dent in. They are unwilling to refund the damaged door and are extremely rude! DO NOT use these dealers what so ever!
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    Michael Scott on 22 Feb 2011
    this guy craig german, if that\'s his real name, is an utter rip off. i bought a boot lid from him, supposed to be 48 hour delivery that was 15 days ago, nothing arrived and he doesn\'t answer the phone anymore, he also uses the name \'king spares\' he ripped people off under that name also
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    Ashley on 22 Feb 2011
    I have never recieved such bad customer service from a company in my life. It took a month to get what I ordered and a further 3 months to get a refund that eventually my credit card company applied for because they would not refund the broken parts I sent back the very day I recieved them. Very Bad service.
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    BAB on 16 Feb 2011
    The worst company i have ever dealt with. Promised the part within 3 days. Three weeks later still no sign, given all the excuses in the world and will not refund my money. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!
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    Al on 10 Feb 2011
    Very poor service, been waiting over two weeks for delivery of parts. Now my business is suffering as a customer is waiting......... dont hold much hope of ever seeing the products ordered and paid for. Do not use this supplier
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    Faz on 27 Nov 2010
    don,t come near this lying [edit] never received my part stay away
  • review icon
    J Rowe on 29 Jul 2010
    sold me part\'s that took age\'s to turn up because they never posted them.when you phone them you get every excuse under the sun including \"i might give this buisness up, my staff are usless\" not my problem when they already got my money which they were very quick to take.Stil owe me money 7.oo not alot i know but there service is disgusting and there rude on phone an just talk all over you with excuses. Should be removed from carparts-finder.co.uk to save people like me the headache got better stuf to be doing than messing round with dodgy company\'s
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    Mr Morris on 23 Apr 2010
    Utterly unreliable. A rogue trader. Save yourself the headache and shop elsewhere. He took my money and I am now having to take him to small claims court to get it back. He has been saying \'the cheque is in the post\' for 2 months.
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    Bazza on 22 Mar 2010
    Paid for spares up front before Cristmas, took 6 weeks to arrive after loads of bullshit from the gu there Craig, whenthe parts arrivd they were missing items kept on rining up to get loads more ******* from Craig finally he decided he did not have the parts and offered a refund only to find 3 bounced cheques and months dwn the ine i am no further forward!!! This guy Craig is so full of **** he must have dysentry a first class avoid unless you want stress, damaged parts and no refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Michael on 21 Jan 2010
    Items never arrived, suddenly they don\'t answer their phone. I have left many messages asking them to ring back and refund my money. No items and they took my money. Never heard from them again. AVOID this lot like the plague. Will have to go the fraud route via my credit card.
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    DAVID on 20 Jan 2010

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